Sunday, September 8, 2013

Thank you video message from Martin, ahem, Arthur

I woke up at around 5.30 a.m. earlier this morning. I just couldn't resist checking the notifications on my phone. Let me state for the record, I did NOT regret it at all, hell no - Because Amanda posted a link to a video with Martin's Arthur's thank you message to the fans. 

Now, I am not sure if it is directed at us, the group who made the birthday video for him (I don't deny I secretly hope so), but just hearing his voice saying 'thank you' to us fans, it's heaven. All the effort put into the video is all worth it!!!

*Special thanks to Ramya and Pamela for the transcript!*

Transcript of Martin Freeman’s birthday “thank you” video, posted by Amanda Abbington (@chimpsinsocks) via Twitter on Saturday, 7 September 2013

Video opens on a long-haired tan dachshund dog sitting looking at the camera, and Martin’s voice-over talking as the dog (!) starts:

Hello, everyone, my name’s Arthur Freeman. I belong to Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington. 
And I know that Martin really enjoyed all those birthday wishes he was sent –

[dog looks distracted and off to one side]…Oh what, where am I, let me just… That’s alright, I’ll carry on. 
[dog looks down to the floor, presumably at something off camera]…What is down there…

Anyway..ah, he really appreciated it. He just wanted to let you know ‘cos he’s a bit shy on camera, on the internet.

[dog is distracted again by the floor]…What is down there, WHAT is that…

So, yeah, he sends best regards and many, many, thanks. He now feels not quite so old as (indistinct and muffled)

Anyway, I’ll see you soon. Bye. [ENDS]

And this!

My sincerest apologies for providing the wrong information earlier on. I have just verified with the original owner of the following account:

It's a parody fan account, brilliantly thought up by fans. =)

Don't go unfollow little Arthur now. I feel it's still a fun account to follow! So go follow Arthur NOW if you have not!!!

And a clarification from Amanda herself minutes ago, who obviously enjoyed a little fun with the parody account as well: 

So I guess, one can only dream of having the presence of both the awesome Martin and the lovely Amanda on Twitter. But I can't help but imagine His and Her Awesomeness, perched on each side of the bed, tweeting from their mobile phone. That image is just too adorable! For now, I can't stop re-watching the thank you video from Martin. Listening to his voice over and over again. <3 It all seems so unreal. 

Well, it's September the 8th in England already:

Of coz', all these, the thank you video will not have happened without the help from wonderful people around me:

And I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for the great participants of the birthday video message project. Thank you so much, guys!!! Really!!! ❤ I had gain quite a number of awesome followers from this project as well. Let's do an even bigger one next year! Maybe even invite the man himself for a birthday celebration in person! Dreaming big, aren't we. Hehe.

What a special and awesome day! *Stretches* As for me, I shall try and go back to sleep (with a smile plastered on my face of coz'). Nights!!!

***UPDATE*** Another pic of adorable Arthur from Amanda: 

And yes, keep this hashtag: #HappyBirthdayMartinFreeman trending on this special day today on Twitter!!! 


  1. AWWW... babe... u deserve every single minute of this happiness and guess your birthday present was awesome and nothing can beat that now :)

    1. Look what we've got! My first comment!!! Thanks, babe! Thanks for being part of it! ^^

  2. No, Thank You for letting me be a part of it at the last moment. You didnt have to but you did. Thank you again and again.<3 <3