Thursday, September 12, 2013

What? It's already Thursday? O_O

Has it already been four days since my last update on Martin's thank you video? Enough rolling about in the blissfulness of that. I should really get back on track with my blog's update.

The past few days had just been so surreal. Everything, since that day we showed Martin the video. Thanks to Martin's brother, Jamie, he helped us retweeted the video and spread the love to more people. ^_^

He is really nice! He had replied to my tweets to him once or twice before this. =) Hehe. 

The video's currently at its 260th view, the thought of how Martin and Amanda are one those who viewed the video, thrills me~ 

Well, maybe I should start planning for his birthday video next year already! xD 

Meanwhile, it's going to be my own birthday tomorrow, yes, Friday the 13th. I don't ask for much, just a couple of birthday wishes from my followers on Twitter and my Facebook friends should suffice. ^_^  

Ahem, anyways, back to the topic, it's really great to see Martin loved by so many people. The man had been out and about a few days ago. Here are some lucky fans who spotted him on the streets. Looks like he had been doing some shopping:

Martin in dark blue suit, just yum. <3 He looks a tad bit too thin though and I think he cut his hair again? Hope he feeds himself more! >_< 

Also spotted with beautiful actress, Jenny Dixon.

Ahh, how I wish I live in England... So I can run into Martin on the streets... Oh well.. Need to get back to work for now. Expect more updates laters. ^_~

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